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Priceless paintings.
And at 3ft scale is awesome.

I believe we sailed together a longtime ago. Me as CO and you as 3O

Surprising, beatuful & creative

I enjoyed looking at Ratnakars marine paintings very much.
One can feel that the artist is a true martner as the detailing of the subject matter in each painting.

Mihika's animation concepts are also lovely.Specially the background series is lovely.

          Welcome to Arkistique

Welcome to Arkistique – a collection of beautiful Marine and Abstract Art. The medium is mainly Oil on Canvas -  a sweeping panorama that sometimes shows the seas and sailing ships in all their beauty and might and sometimes is an off take on it (and the flora and fauna found in it) with the Artist’s insight.

Art is an investment that will appreciate over the long term. Sometimes the owner falls in love with the investment and will not part with it for a fortune. We create Art that you will love and cherish for a lifetime as these paintings are unique and one of a kind.

The paintings are varying in sizes.  The paintings showcased here are for sale except where specified otherwise. We do take custom orders. Custom orders will be taken after comprehensive discussions taking into account the Buyer’s preferences, location and budget.

As for the Art displayed here – do take the time to view each painting separately and at leisure. 

Enjoy the Experience!

The site also features Animation/Illustration projects by Mihika Karve. They are unique 2D traditional animations that were used in Advertisements and Apps. They can be viewed by clicking on the given links in Mihika’s Creations.

Similar work can be commissioned here. The work is done on a project basis in a time bound manner. Do contact us for your requirement.

Cutty Sark 1:200 scale wooden model